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Teaching You How to

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

We make an impact through words by showing entrepreneurs their tremendous potential to grow when they develop the skills to speak in public and share their knowledge.

Why Speaking 2 Impact?

Join us Today and Build your Self Confidence

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives”

- By Rob Brow

Speaking 2 Impact was established in January 2022 by Mr. Saeed Alblooshi. The company organises live events educating business leaders and entrepreneurs about the power of speech. It also offers individual and group sessions, in-person or online, teaching people how to overcome their fears and reduce anxiety around public speaking. Inspired by the belief that good communication is essential to create a positive culture and thriving business, Saeed hosts the Success Story podcast, where he explores the topic in conversation with a range of inspirational guests.

About Saeed

Saeed is a banker, business owner, entrepreneur, investor, innovator, public speaking coach, and podcaster who transformed from a shy boy into a respected leader. He has helped senior figures worldwide in numerous industries to build their confidence and become more eloquent using a meticulously designed framework incorporating effective communication techniques.

Build Your Career

Business Consultation

Don’t let insecurity hold you back. Our goal is to help people who are uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience to gain more confidence to scale their business, articulate their messages, and increase their income

Public Speaking

Everyone has the ability to influence others. Our role is to unlock that potential, providing the tools you need to communicate easily, whether speaking to investors, internal teams, or industry stakeholders.

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